An old dog shed tears of joy upon seeing his closest friend returning home from the military.

An old dog shed tears of joy upon seeing his closest friend returning home from the military.

We have watched countless videos of reunions between owners and their pets over the years, but we are still amazed at how incredible they are. This emotional reunion between a Golden Retriever and its owner in the photo is no exception. It will surely touch your heart and make you tear up.

Get ready with your tissue paper, because this is truly heartwarming.

At 13 years old, the beloved Golden Retriever named Buddy had spent all his time on earth with his closest friend, Hannah Foraker.

After celebrating her 21st birthday, Hannah enlisted in the military and underwent basic training in Oklahoma.

Hannah's heart ached as she said goodbye to her furry friend and her horse Derby. When Hannah returned home for Christmas after three months of basic training, she was overjoyed to be reunited with Buddy. Buddy could barely contain his excitement and joy upon seeing Hannah again.

Hannah and Buddy have been together since Buddy was a puppy. Although Buddy is now very old, suffering from arthritis and almost deaf, nothing can stop him from expanding his arms to welcome Hannah. The moment he met Hannah after three months of separation, he buried his head in her lap and began to cry tears of happiness. Hannah was naturally touched and began to stroke her best friend.

"We opened the door and he ran out to greet me and my family but then he came back and forth with me," Foraker said. As you can see, Buddy reminds us of how loyal dogs are. They never forget their loved ones and give them "unconditional love". That's why we should care about our closest friends, because they are our friends and family.

You can watch Buddy's emotional reunion with his owner in the video below.

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