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Golden Retriever Rescues Baby Calf Who Was Nearly Frozen to Death, And Refuses To Leave Him

Dogs are creatures known for their kindness and affection. It warms our hearts when we hear stories about dogs showing kindness… Read more

A Dog Who Has Never Been Allowed Inside Before, Takes His First Nap On Soft Bed

Sunday spent her life in a backyard full of junk and in a garage that was very cold. The Country Roads Animal Rescue Society re… Read more

The dog that lost his family after 9 months found his way back home, trying to knock on the door in the hope that everyone could accept it

A dog who had been away from home for more than five months returned with no one to welcome him. After his owners lost hope of … Read more

After Being Dumped & Left For Dead On Christmas, “Miracle” Dog Is Adopted By Officer Who Saved Her Life

Miracles are hard to come by these days, but there's no better way to describe the abandoned dog that nearly died after being… Read more

Malnourished and Helpless, a Mother Dog Begs for Help to be Adopted as She Still Feeds Her Six Puppies

Seeing an animal suffering is one of the most disturbing scenes that we can witness in our life. When we hear stories that touc… Read more

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