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After Months at an Animal Sanctuary, Abandoned “Wobbly” Dog Finds his Forever Ho

Not all animals were born with perfection. They have some born features that make them different from their siblings or others … Read more

The Dog Burst Into Tears When His Owner Wished Him A Happy Birthday For The First Time

Max, a lovable and devoted dog, had spent the majority of his life faithfully by his owner’s side. He had seen the seasons chan… Read more

Today marks my birthday, and I'm hopeful for some affectionate sentiments here.

Dᴏ yᴏu rеcɑll whɑt yᴏu dіd ᴏո yᴏur 23rd bіrthdɑy? Pеrѕᴏոɑlly, I cɑո’t ѕɑy I rеmеmbеr much ɑѕіdе frᴏm рɑrtyіոg wіth my рɑlѕ … Read more

Rest in Peace, Smiley – The Dog Who Triumphed Through Adversity to Fill Our Lives with Joy.

One of Canada’s happiest and most well-loved faces has sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge. Smiley, the blind golden retr… Read more

Introducing Kitty: The Bernese Dog Residing in a Hotel, Spreading Love and Warmth to All the Guests with Her Snuggles.

When people are on vacation, they obviously want to relax and be comfortable as much as possible. One hotel has an adorable… Read more

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