A 20-year-old man jumped into the cold water to save a drowning dog

On the pier, a young man suddenly took off his pants, ignoring the stares around him.

This young man was none other than a 20-year-old Australian model named Raden Soemawinata. He clung to the obstacle in his underwear and then jumped into the water. 

The travel time goes back to 2009, 12 years ago.

 At that time, owner Sue Drummond was walking with her Maltese dog, Bibi, on the Brighton Pier in Melbourne, Australia. 

Bobby, a Malta, couldn't resist the strong wind blowing at 96 km/h and flew away and fell into the sea. In a surprising situation, owner Sue Drummond rolled her foot and the Maltese dog Bobby fought to survive, but it was too deep to float up on its own. 

Others at the scene also gathered one by one and were stomping their feet, wondering what to do with Bobby, a Malta that had fallen into the water.

 At that time, model Raden Somauinata took off his pants and clung to the challenge in his underwear. Without hesitation, he took off his pants, gently climbed down into the water and stepped onto the shore with the Maltese dog Bobby in his arms. 

His entire body was submerged in freezing water, but all he had in his mind was the idea of saving the Maltese dog Bobby. 

Fortunately, model Laden Seomauinata, who had swam to the pier, brought the Maltese dog, Bobby, into the arms of the owner.

Owner Susan Drummond repeatedly praised Laden for rescuing her pet.

"A bystander at the scene commented: "The water was deep and he could have been in danger, but he jumped into the water without hesitation. He was brave and a hero".

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