A family leaves dog at a shelter. A pit bull named Blue King cried with tears streaming down his face.

There is nothing we love more than having a cute dog as a pet.

Dogs and humans share a close bond. Dogs are the most intelligent, emotional, and loyal animal, and they need to be loved, protected, and cared for attentively. However, this poor dog was mercilessly abandoned.

Blue King (or Blue) Pit Bull was very happy when adopted by a family. He loved them passionately and did everything to keep them happy.

But one day, the family decided to "let him go" when they had to move to a new house. They left him at a high-kill shelter and never came back.

Blue was not comfortable at the shelter, but he was sure that his family would come back for him. He still believed that his owners would come to get him. But when the cruel realization set in, he was devastated.

He kept thinking too much, believing that his family abandoned him because he was not a "good boy." Soon after, the workers found him sobbing in his kennel with tears streaming down his face.

The shelter tried to cheer Blue up by giving him his favorite food, but he refused to look at it. He stopped wagging his tail and even turned away when the workers petted him.

He never stopped praying for his family to come back. After seeing his desperate situation, the shelter shared his story on social media and pleaded for help.

A woman named Jennifer McKay fell in love with Blue! She adopted him and worked hard to help him leave his abandonment scars behind. Today, Blue has finally returned as a happy, safe dog who doesn't have to guess about his mother's lasting love!

This sweet boy will never have to shed a tear again!

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