A Sweet Scene – An Adorable Moment A Dog Gives His Blanket To A St.r.ay Dog!

 A sweet scene – An adorable moment a dog gives his blanket to a st.ray Dog!

Dogs teach humans unconditional love and loyalty

A dog sometimes has a better heart than human people… That is the cutest thing.

This eight month old puppy was rescued in Brazil and knows exactly what it’s like to be a stray, cold, homeless and helpless dog.
The dog’s name is Lana and she was rescued from the street just a few months ago, and now lives in a loving home.

On the first Monday night that Lana had settled into her nice dog house in the family’s yard, her owner saw her in the yard and brought her a bigger, thicker blanket to lay on.

Shortly after when her owners headed out the door to go to work, they went to check on Lana and found that Lana had brought her blanket to the edge of the yard right by the fence. I
t turned out they saw another stray dog on the other side of the fence too, who had pulled part of the blanket through the fence and was actually cuddling up into the blanket too.

Lana is such a sweet dog for having shared her blanket with a stray dog who lives the difficult life that she once lived.

The stray dog has since been rescued, but Lana’s sweet act of kindness in sharing her blanket just goes to show that dog’s can certainly have compassion for each other.

Isn’t this amazing – far more intelligent and compassionate than we give them credit for. And people just dump them in a field to fend for themselves.
It would be nice if this family adopted the Stray dog…

This wonderful a pity humans dont have hearts like animals – If people do the same the world would be so amazing…!

God Bless! He has a heart & understanding beyond words! ♥️♥️ shared.

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