An abandoned dog has been sitting on the sidewalk with his belongings for the past few days, waiting to be reunited with his family.

Left behind in an empty lot near a car wash, with only a blanket and some food, the loyal dog patiently waited for its family to return, curled up on its makeshift bed.

For two days, Nirvana slept on the pavement, waking only to eat the meager supply of food provided by nearby car wash workers who noticed her low food source. When Suzette Hall, founder of Logan's Legacy Dog Rescue, was called to help, Nirvana was nearly too exhausted to respond.

However, when Hall approached Nirvana carefully, the dog stood up and greeted her with a familiar gesture. Hall had a leash around her and took her to her truck, driving her straight to a veterinarian where Nirvana received much-needed bath.

The veterinary team fell in love with Nirvana's sweet nature, and after a few days of recovery, she was placed in a foster home where she received lots of love and pampering. Nirvana now enjoys spending time outdoors, taking long walks and hikes, and has a newfound passion for life.

Although still searching for her forever home, Nirvana is grateful for her rescuers and foster parents, expressing her love and appreciation for them. To inquire about adopting Nirvana, you can contact Suzette Hall on Facebook.

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