A man is reunited with his 19-year-old cat whom he thought he had lost forever.

Robert received a surprising phone call earlier this month that left him in shock: his beloved cat Chebon was still alive.

Chebon had gone missing just before they were preparing to move from California to Ohio, and it had been seven years since Robert had seen him. Robert, who requested anonymity, delayed his departure to stay and search for his cherished pet, but after a year of no luck and no leads, he had no choice but to continue.

"I remember praying and saying to God, 'God, I'll do anything, just give me Chebon back,'" Robert said in a video shared on the Ventura County Animal Services Facebook page.

Then, the impossible happened. A kind woman noticed a frail-looking cat on the side of the road and brought him to a nearby veterinarian. The cat was surprisingly healthy, despite being dehydrated and dirty from life on the streets. Robert's name appeared when they scanned him for a microchip. They also discovered that the cat was 19 years old.

"I was afraid there was a mistake," Robert explained.

Robert immediately took a trip to Los Angeles and drove to the Camarillo Animal Shelter. His eyes softened as they carried him into a secluded room and opened a box of tones.

It seemed like no time had passed when Robert and Chebon met again for the first time in seven years. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Randy Friedman, the marketing director for Ventura County Animal Services, told The Dodo, "Everybody in that room - there was another animal control officer and she was bawling, and I was tearing up." "It was just amazing from start to finish - and it was all because of a microchip." Chebon crawled out of the box and wrapped his legs around his dad's shoulder as if he had finally realized he was safe.

"[Chebon] hugged him at one point, and Robert started crying," Friedman added. "You don't see that often in cats... It's just pure, unadulterated love."

Chebon can now relax and enjoy his golden years back at home, where he belongs. And they'll never let go of each other again.

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