Dog With Broken Leg Leads Vets Two Miles To Her Puppies

A Greyhound with a Broken leg was discovered by psychologist Liane Powell, limping into a market in Vera, Spain. Realizing that the dog had a Broken leg and a thin, sick body, Lianne Powell immediately took it to the veterinarian for treatment.

There, they noticed she was producing milk and realized the dog just had puppies. Quickly finding fragile babies has become an urgent task. “We put a collar and long lead on her… Then we just followed her… She knew where she was going,” vet Ellen Sobry told.

They believe that this mother dog must have given birth in a very recent area. They were amazed when the dog, which has now been named Vera after the town where she was found, miraculously led the pair on a two mile walk straight to her tiny offspring. Vera’s children were found in an abandoned car. In the back seat were ten puppies.

The adorable puppies were fat and healthy when they were found. Vera received leg surgery and was now “recovering great, the only thing she has to worry about now is eating, feeding her puppies and sleeping.

She’s a little bit timid, but she’s not too scared,” vet Ellen said. Doctors are working with Ibizan Hound Rescue in Murcia, Southern Spain, to find homes for orphaned dogs when they are healthy enough to leave the clinic.

Southern Spain has become notorious for high numbers of abandoned greyhounds, known as galgos, due to mass-breeding in order to find good Hunting dogs.

Ellen said the winter is particularly bad for the breed as many owners are known to abandon their dogs in the off-season and buy new ones when the Hunting season begins again.

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