D.y.in.g Vietnam War Veteran Has Last Wish To Be Reunited With His Dog Granted

Dy.in.g Vietnam war veteran has last wish to be reunited with his dog granted

For many, dogs become far more than just pets. Their loyalty, intuition, and unconditional love make them members of the family, ones who stand by our sides during life’s most challenging moments.

And for one man, his beloved dog was there when he needed him the most: on his deathbed. It’s a sad story, but one that ultimately shows the beautiful bond that exists between people and their pets.

John Vincent, a veteran Marine who served in Vietnam, is facing the end of his life. The 69-year-old was admitted to hospice care at Raymond G. Murphy Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Vincent has no family in the Nex Mexico area, so when he fell ill, he had no one to call on to care for his furry companion. Knowing he didn’t have much time left, Vincent expressed his final wish to palliative care social worker Amy Neal – he wanted to say goodbye to Patch.

On Thursday that wish came true and he was reunited with Patch. Animal Welfare director Danny Nevarez said Patch was quiet throughout the commute to the hospice, but ‘began to cry’ upon seeing his owner.

Patch was led into the hospital suite and, despite the medical equipment surrounding Mr Vincent, Patch was allowed onto his owner’s bed to have a cuddle. 

The two were pictured kissing and cuddling between plenty of back scratches. They look so happy together. This may be their last meeting, but it’s nice to see that Vincent’s last wish has been granted.

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