Rescue dog with GoPro in a wheelchair shows how fun his daily run

They are called the “Wheelchair Mafia” by The Man that Rescues Dogs (TMTRD), a wonderful animal rescue in Thailand. The Wheelchair Mafia is a group of rescue dogs with disabilities who embrace life to the fullest thanks to the love and respect they get from their rescuers.

And a recent delightful video from TMTRD gives a unique view of life with the Wheelchair Mafia. In it, one dog is SUPER excited for his daily walk. With a GoPro camera strapped to the back of his wheelchair, the dog bounces up and down in excitement as he waits for the other dogs to get ready to go outside. He can’t wait and as soon as he’s outside he zooms down the dirt road eager to explore and run!
The Man that Rescues Dogs focuses on providing dogs with disabilities and other special needs a sanctuary, a home where they are cared for.
Most of the dogs living in the shelter’s Care Unit have been crippled after car accidents. But their disabilities don’t hold them back because they each have a wheelchair to get around. The dogs are very eager to get strapped into their wheelchairs for one of their two daily walks. Or should we say runs? The dogs run so fast the rescuers have a hard time keeping up with them!

Michael Baines, the founder of the rescue, started the TMTRD after he rescued a neighbor’s disabled dog. The rescue has expanded to take care of 1030 animals and feeds over 350 dogs living on the streets. The rescue also provides free medical care to animals.

The COVID pandemic was hard on them. They saw more dogs abandoned by their owners and a 40% drop in donations. This impacted their shelter as they struggled with less cash and more animals.
Thailand could have 2 million stray dogs within the next 10 years, so rescues like The Man that Rescues Dogs are doing life-saving work that not only helps street animals in the present but will help communities into the future. To help them feed and care for the “Wheelchair Mafia” and the other special dogs in their care, visit their website.

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