The puppy was injured in the freezing snow and waited in fear for rescue...

The phrase "she was in the right place at the right time" certainly applies to the little puppy discovered by a passerby in a brief moment.

A woman walking in the snow suddenly heard the saddest little puppy whimper, and it pierced her heart. So she followed the sound and saw a little brown injured puppy lying on the snowbank beside a road.

The freezing puppy was very frightened and yelping in fear. The little puppy had a large infected wound beside it and was clearly in distress. The woman knew she had to help, so she calmly talked to it until she could slip a leash around its neck.

After she had comforted the frightened puppy, she coaxed it into her car with promises of help and warmth. Once inside, it began to realize it was safe and even started wagging its tail. She then hurried it to a veterinary hospital for help.

There, the veterinarian determined that the horrific wound was caused by an embedded collar. Fortunately, the veterinarian was able to treat the wound, and the puppy survived the infection and near-freezing to death.

They determined the little puppy was about seven months old and would surely be placed in the perfect home once healthy. The lucky little puppy survived, and its rescuer was in the right place at the right time.

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