This is a heart-wrenching video about a mother dog begging a man not to abandon her and her newly born puppies.

Recently, this heart-wrenching video has been widely circulated on social media. In the video, a mother dog is seen begging a man not to abandon her and her puppies.

In a clip posted by Kluang Johor Stray Dog Home, a man is seen driving into a rescue area with his car. He then takes out an adult dog from the car. He also takes out a box containing five newly born puppies. The puppies still have their eyes closed.

He puts them at the door and prepares to leave when the mother dog jumps onto his feet, stopping him. He tries to push her away, but she puts her front legs on him, making it difficult for him to move.

Just like she's pleading with him not to abandon her and her children. Unfortunately, her plea did not work. Eventually, the man drives away.

When a shelter finds abandoned animals, they take them to a veterinarian for further examination. The preliminary diagnosis shows that the mother dog has breast cancer. Some tracking found that the development on her nipples is not cancer, but rather a uterine abscess, which is an equally dangerous uterine infection.

When the puppies stop suckling, the mother dog will need surgery to remove the tumor. They also need to be disinfected to ensure that they do not come into contact with the mother's infectious source.

Like them, the shelter is also in a financial crisis. Since the lockdown, they have encountered difficulties in caring for over 1,000 animals.


The sharp drop in donations has made them constantly looking for alternative ways to feed the animals. This man's irresponsibility not only adds to their burden but also makes them angry.

Accepting a dog family is now a major challenge they face, so they launched a fundraising campaign on social media, which will be warmly welcomed regardless of the donation size.

Unfortunately, the shelter later announced that two of the puppies have passed away due to their fragile health condition.

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