You Can Hide, But You Can & Escape The Love Of A Dog (9 photos)


Animals are the purest form of love, and they never judge their humans, no matter what their personalities are. Animals will love you unconditionally and not even expect anything in return. They don't talk, but if you observe closely, their expressions are enough to convey their emotions. Indeed, sometimes it can be difficult to understand what animals are trying to tell you, but you have to be observant enough to understand that. It's not a difficult task, as their reactions are too basic, very similar to human babies. If the bond between you and your animal is too strong, even vibrations are enough to understand their emotions.

However, if you treat these animals with love and give them the respect they deserve, it will only be a plus for them, and they will give you the best, happiness. They will continue to make you laugh with their silly, adorable actions every day and take away all your worries at that moment.

We have collected some photos of animals, in which you can see their expressions describing love that even words cannot explain. These expressions are too obvious, and if you are an observer, you can see and read their emotions through their faces literally. Let's take a look at these cute photos together. Scroll down.

1. You don’t have to be sad, I’m here for you.

As the saying goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend”, here we can see a true depiction of it. The girl was stressed about something but the dog is being there for her and giving his unconditional love to her.

2. A big kiss.

When it comes to showering unconditional love, Girrafe’s are in the race too. The guy, in the blue jacket, looks after her and this is her way of thanking him. A big kiss, which depicts that she loves him for the way he looks after her & feeds her every day. Isn’t that too adorable? 

3. Isn’t that ADORABLE?

Here’s an adorable picture of a dog hugging the baby, making him feel protected even though he’s asleep. Try touching the people he loves and you will see him coming at you with everything he got. 

4. Why aren’t you giving me any attention, hooman?

In this picture, the girl was trying to mind her own business but forgot to give attention to her doggo and the doggo couldn’t really resist squeezing her with all the love he has for her. Well, the girl is really amused by it.

Yep, their cute expressions are making us happy and sad too. You see, how expressions can be so powerful that you don’t even need any words to explain it. Animals would always give their best to you and hopefully, you wouldn’t want to break their tiny hearts by treating them badly, would you? All the pictures you have seen as of yet are a true depiction of how much an animal can love and just because they can’t speak, nothing would stop them from showing their unconditional love for you through their expressions. We have been blessed with the ability to speak as well but how likely are you to depict love, anger and sadness through your expressions only? You must keep in mind that animals only have expressions to express their emotions and you better be observing them and respond to their love while taking care of their needs. Keep scrolling for more.

5. Cows can be really friendly too!

Is it just me or is this picture oddly satisfying? For a moment, take a look at the cow’s face and how peacefully she is resting in the guy’s lap.

6. Damn, she likes me. I should ask her out on a date.

The owner of that dog decided to take a picture of his dog and his fiance but he couldn’t help to notice how the dog is looking at her. That’s exactly the type of approval he was looking for. 

7. Tell me I’m pretty.

He likes being told that he’s a good boy, hence, the expression says it all.

8. Where have you been, hooman?

Guess who else waits for you to get home? These adorable animals. This cat had to wait an entire day to see his hooman and here’s a picture when she parked her car and got out.

9. He didn’t want to let go off me.

Do you really think this picture needs any type of explanation? I bet, even words cannot explain the beauty of this picture. Their expressions are enough to depict how sad they are to say goodbye even if it’s for a little while.

Don’t tell us these pictures didn’t move you? How adorable these animals are and they surely deserve all our love and respect. Just because they are unable to explain their emotions through words, doesn’t mean they cannot express themselves at all. We have seen them happy, we have seen them sad, we have seen them crying and we have seen them smiling even, and I think that’s more than words could ever mean. Which one did you find the cutest? Let us know in the comments section below.

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