Abandoned dog hugs its new owner at airport ❤️

 So glad she has a loving family and forever home now 👍💯❤️

In December, at Des Moines International Airport, an airport employee spotted a dog [ti.e.d] to a post outside the airport with a short [le.ash]. She was in a state of [hu.nger and we.akness] due to a lack of access to food, water, and even shelter. She will [D.ie] if not found and helped.

According to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, the dog’s old owner is Charles Simon Bigsen, 24, of New Jersey. Bigsen took his dog to the airport to take a flight to Newark together. However, after being informed that the dog was not allowed on the plane, Bigsen a.ban.doned his dog at the airport and boarded the flight alone.

With the act of [in.ten.tionally] a.ban.doning the dog at the airport, Bigsen was [ch.arg.ed] with 2 mi.sdem.eanors: Abandonment of an Animal and Care and Treatment of an Animal. Many people believe that this owner should have received a heavier [pu.nis.hment] because the dog may have [di.ed]. Moreover, [le.ashing] the dog with a short [le.ash] is an act of [to.rture]. Bigsen, even if he accepts only two minor [cha.rges], will be [ch.arg.ed] before his own court of conscience.

Life will not a.ban.don the po.or dog. A family saw her at the airport the day she was [a.ban.doned]. As soon as they saw the dog, they knew that there was a special bond between them. So they adopted the dog – with a new name: Alice, on Wednesday.

Alice integrates very well with her new family and it seems that the [pa.in of a.ban.do.nment] has been compensated by the new family’s love. Alice feels grateful and always hugs her new owner tightly. From now on she will have a happy new life.
Happy ending to sad story.

God bless you for rescuing this precious Angel 😇❤️🙏🙏
Best wishes to her new family and her 💕🙏

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