Golden Doodle found starving in the woods eating rocks, tin foil, and acorns to survive

A Golden Doodle was found in the woods during the frigid winter and starving, she had been eating rocks, tin foil, and acorns to survive. But more than the efforts of her rescuers, it was her life that changed.

When Molly was first found, her coat was matted and she was very skittish, you could tell she had been wandering. The two-year-old dog was scared of people after being in the woods for months, eating garbage, and trying to keep herself together.

The Wilson County Humane Society rescued the dog, named her Molly, and gave her urgent care. Miraculously, even though she had eaten anything but inedible objects, she didn't need surgery.

They fed her and began to treat her with starvation because she only weighed half of what she should have weighed.

The next step was to find her the best airplane to rest and relax, and I found her in New Jersey with the help of the Burlington County Animal Alliance. And with the help of the Flying Fur Animal Rescue, Molly arrived happily with her.

It took a few weeks before Molly could butt heads with her final caretaker's other decisions, but she didn't have to wait long to find a reasonable makeover.

It also didn't require Mσr Molly to fight the gods and other dogs of her new family.

"My friend Daina Collins, the first rescuer, sent a photo of Molly, and we had to apply," Cheryl Sgroi, Molly's new mom, told The Dodo. "We did a day trial with her and that was it. Everyone fell in love with her."

And Molly fell in love with them. Molly is enjoying life with her new family, who shared touching photos of her when she was first born.

Now her days are spent with furry children, sadness, and toys. It's a far cry from where she was a few months ago, but it's all about caring and caring for her together.

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