Man Carries His Paraplegic Puppy In His Arms To Enjoy The Rain: “He Still Loves It”

 Agea Santos pledged to always be there for his animal friend Alvin. After having a stroke, Alvin is no longer able to stand as tall as he previously did. I'll look after you till the very end, my furry child, Agea Santos assured him.

Taking care of a pet is a tremendous duty because it is a living thing that, like raising a child, will be completely dependent on your attention. It's important to understand that having a furry friend at home will include both happy and sad moments, but the most important thing is to be close to him at all times.

Knowledgeable pet carers will take all necessary measures to ensure that their companion continues to enjoy life even when his body no longer operates as it once did. Agea Santos of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, worries about carrying on with her normal life after her puppy suffers a stroke, so she takes that measure.

Alvin, his dog, loved to play in the water and run in the rain. Santos holds the fluffy in his arms so that he may still enjoy the feeling of water pouring over him, despite his inability to move and his trouble standing.

In a video he shared on Instagram, the dog unexpectedly falls to the ground while out for a walk, but his owner immediately hurries over to pick him up and hoist him up so he can enjoy the rain.

He still enjoys swimming and running in the downpour. She craved reliving a pleasant experience after everything that had happened. My little hairy boy, I will look after you all the way to the end. In

the narrative, Santos added, "I'm grateful to my wife Ray for looking after him so well.

In a another video, the dog is seen running around in the rain while still casting reflection for all pet owners.

Enjoy your fuzzy friend while he's still young and healthy because he heals too quickly. He asserted that the video was filmed two years ago, shortly after the man had a stroke, and that he has since aged and is unable to walk adequately.

He is gradually rediscovering how to walk after suffering a stroke that rendered him unable to move or sight on his left side. He was getting physiotherapy from one doctor and acupuncture from another, according to Santos, and he intends to start treatment again soon because it is so helpful for his recovery.


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