This Paralyzed Dog can’t Walk, so his Owner Takes him everyday for daily walk in the Owner’s stroller..

 For people who love animals, it’s obvious that if they adopt a dog, they have to take care of it for as long as it lives. But for people who don’t know how to take care of a dog, a person in Italy shows how dogs should be treated with the care and love they deserve.

Tonino Vitale’s daily walk with his sick 13-year-old dog, Dylan, was caught on camera. If you’re a dog owner, you know this is a great thing, but this is a one-of-a-kind story because Dylan has arthritis and can’t walk, but Vitale still puts him in a cart and walks with him.

Dylan can’t move his legs all the time, and his other legs can’t be moved at all, but Tonino makes sure Dylan is as comfortable as possible when they go for a walk. The dog has been in Tonino’s family for 13 long years.

At first, his kids took care of Dylan, but when they moved out, it was Tonino who took care of the bad dog. He said that the dog helped him feel better after he lost his loved father.

Anchor films were very popular for a long time, and a lot of people have watched and shared them. Tonino has been praised by animal lovers all over the world.

You’ve probably seen the video of Dylan, the disabled dog, and his elderly owner, who takes him for walks with a special harness.

Well, Alessandro Ortolan, the king of trolleys for disabled dogs, told Tgcom24, “In two or three days, the trolley that will give Dylan and his owner a normal life again will be in Vibo Valentia.” Alessandro Ortolon’s company in Treviso has been making hand-built, custom-fitted vehicles for dogs and cats who have become paralyzed for 10 years.

The family won’t have to pay for the trolley to get to Vibo Valentia because the whole cost will be covered by an Association that was moved by the story of Dylan and his great master.
Tonino Vitale, Dylan’s owner, says that he is moved and moved by the generosity shown and that he did not expect all of this, especially because for him it is not an extraordinary act, but just the only way he has to make sure that Dylan, who is 13 and can’t walk because of a bone tumor, is happy.

The pictures that Mrs. Sabrina La Grotteria took by accident and then posted on her Facebook page went all over Italy, which is how Alessandro Ortolon found out about the story and helped make the happy ending happen with the trolley. “What I do for him is nothing out of the ordinary; it’s just love.” Mr. Tonino’s words.

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