Lying in the middle of the street, a pregnant dog was found exhausted and famished, her frail body unable to carry her any further, evoking a profound sense of compassion and urgency to help.

 Even though most people like having a pet and probably don’t think about getting rid of their dog or cat, it’s not always easy for people and animals to live together. Many pets live on the streets, but they can’t do anything to help themselves.

Lisa, a dog, was found face down on the chilly asphalt of a busy road, a victim of human cruelty. She was pregnant, but the person who hurt her didn’t seem to care, even though she was hurt badly.
When an angelic child found the poor soul, she wasn’t strong enough to get up. This made it much harder to save her. Even though her story was shared on social media, no one had asked for her help.
When an animal rights group finally got involved, it was too late to save her babies. In her pain, he lost them all quickly and quietly.
,,A small child found a pregnant stray dog on the side of the road. The dog had been abused and left there. We tried to find her right away, but we couldn’t find her.” The animal rescue group said: ,,Our volunteers kept looking for her until we saw her walking down the road. Sadly, Lisa’s tale is not unique. It is the narrative of many other voiceless creatures who have to cope with the rejection they feel from the people they once loved, trusted, and believed in.”
,,She looked like she had just given birth, but due to rectal prolapse and depression, she lost all of her puppies. We were worried that if we approached her with food, she might run away. Luckily, the food got her attention.” said a spokeswoman for the group.
The group of volunteers worked hard and moved slowly toward the dog. They took concrete steps to keep her safe and help her get better. It wasn’t an easy job, though. Things didn’t start getting better for a long time.
Lisa was saved. She is getting better and is slowly making progress.
,,She was very thin, dehydrated, weak, and anemic because she had been abused during her pregnancy and her babies had passed away. Why did you do this to this poor stray animal? Did they hit her because she was trying to get food for her kids?” The organization asked.
After seeing such horrible brutality, Lisa was understandably shaken to her core, wary of everyone, and quick to take the offensive. She wouldn’t even drink water, so a syringe was used to give her fluids that her body needed.
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