A girl's tearful reunion with her long-lost beloved dog

 According to moneysavingbasics, there was an error in a previous version of this article which mistakenly identified Rebecca Norris DiNapoli as the main rescuer when she was actually just a witness to the reunion. On Saturday evening, Fergus and his owners were waiting at a stoplight when another car hit them from behind, causing a major impact on their lives. Fergus, a big Irish wolfhound weighing 200 pounds, was launched out of the backseat due to the force of the collision as they were travelling at 50 miles per hour. The dog was dazed and hurt, but managed to stand up and hobble away. When Fergus’s sister, Meredith McKay Luckett, spoke to The Dodo, she mentioned that within seconds, her dad had gotten out of the car and started looking for Fergus, who had gone missing after running away in terror.

Luckett and her family wasted no time in alerting the community when their beloved dog, Fergus, went missing. The response was overwhelming, with thousands of people from different parts of Nashville coming together to help in the search for the big dog. Within half an hour of his disappearance, search parties were organized and rescues were deployed to set up feeding stations to aid in the search. Despite days passing with no sign of Fergus, the community remained hopeful and dedicated, with vehicles driving slowly with flashers on within a two-mile radius of the accident site at any given time. The level of support and effort put forth by the community was truly remarkable.

On Wednesday morning, Luckett was feeling down and out as her beloved dog was missing. Just when she thought all hope was lost, her phone rang and a voice on the other end exclaimed, “We have your dog!” Luckett was overjoyed to hear the news that her gentle giant was finally safe and sound. She described him as a bit of a diva who loved being pampered indoors, which made her all the more worried when he went missing. But now, she can rest easy knowing her furry friend is back where he belongs.

Luckett reached the house situated just a short distance away from the spot of the accident. Fergus’ mother had already reached there before her. When Luckett met Fergus, she couldn’t control her emotions and wept inconsolably while Fergus too joined in by snuggling up against her shoulder and crying loudly. According to Luckett, it was quite evident that the reunion was fueled with intense emotions.

After his unfortunate accident, Fergus had to be taken to the vet for treatment of his injuries. Luckett, his owner, revealed that Fergus has a long road to recovery ahead of him, and the focus right now is solely on getting him back to full health. Currently, Fergus is resting comfortably at home with his family who are thrilled to have him back. According to Luckett, Fergus is being treated like royalty and he’s received many new toys and treats as gifts. However, their main priority is just making sure that Fergus is comfortable and happy during his recovery process. If you want to help out, Luckett suggests making a donation to your local animal shelter.

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