Boys Form A Human Chain And Dangle Over A Reservoir To Rescue A Dog

 To save a puppy that had fallen into a canal in Kazakhstan, five friends banded together. The dog fell into the canal in Sayran in Almaty, Kazakhstan, after getting too close to the reservoir.

He was inches from a potentially hazardous spillway as the terrified animal struggled to maintain his footing while being swept along by an extremely strong stream. Fortunately for the animal, a group of friends who were strolling about the reservoir noticed the animal’s predicament and sprinted to his aid without considering the perils to which they themselves may have fled.

On the other side of the reservoir, a woman by the name of Marjana Khadreeva decided to use her phone to record the heroic rescue that the courageous guys carried out.

The man who boldly dove into the river to save the dog, which appeared to be a stray, from falling into the garbage and being carried away by the current can be seen in the footage.

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