Determined Dog Clings to an Old T-Shirt Left Behind When Abandoned in the Woods, Refusing to Budge.

 A 2-year-old puppy named Lily was left in the woods by her family. Only a box and an old t-shirt were left behind. On its Facebook page, Animal Lighthouse Rescue shared the tragic tale of tiny Lily.

Being the nice dog that she is, Lily waited for her owner to return where she was left, according to a Facebook post by Animal Lighthouse Rescue. “Lily was found by a woman who had been providing food for her. Lily had been lying there in her shirt for weeks when we went to rescue her.

The people Lily loved the most abandoned her, leaving her alone in the woods. They abandoned her without showing any compassion, and Lily was left with nothing to do but lay down on an old blouse that still smelled like her owners.

She waited, just expecting them to return for her or for someone to come rescue her and take her home.

Lily waited for her family’s return for weeks, but they never did.

She gets along well with other dogs and adores everyone. Although she enjoys kids, she often gets scared of them, the group stated. Lily is a little reserved, but we believe that is due to her past.

Her shyness will vanish once she is in a loving home, according to the rescue organization, and she will be a very content animal.

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