Agony and Desperation: The Heart-Wrenching Saga of a Collapsed Dog with a Massive Tumor, Seeking Aid

 Wandered on 90+ degree heat with a giant tumor, she couldn’t walk anymore just lay down in the park!

Pearl, a sweet and gentle dog, was found lying in a park in Fullerton in the scorching 90+ degree heat. She had a massive tumor that made it impossible for her to walk, and she could do nothing but lay there in agony. Thankfully, someone alerted Animal Control, and they came to her rescue.

When they found her, Pearl looked like she was on the verge of death. She had been wandering around the park for who knows how long, living in constant pain and discomfort. People didn’t want to adopt her due to her cancer and tumor, but then Katie stepped up and offered to take her in.

The first night in her new home, Pearl was so exhausted that she slept soundly. The next morning, she was able to eat a little bit, but she was still very scared and didn’t want to play much with humans. It was clear that she needed a lot of love and care to get back to her old self.

At 9:00 AM, Katie took Pearl to the vet to recheck her health. The veterinarian was amazed at how resilient Pearl was despite her condition. She was given a thorough check-up, and it was determined that she needed surgery to remove the tumor as soon as possible.

Despite the odds, Katie was determined to help Pearl recover. She was willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that Pearl got the medical care she needed and the love and attention she deserved. With Katie by her side, Pearl had a new lease on life, and the future looked bright for this courageous little dog.

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