Guy Takes His Wolfdog On Adventures Because He Doesn’t Like To See Dogs Locked Away


Loki is no ordinary dog. He is a mix of a husky, malamute, and an Arctic wolf. He adores going on exciting adventures with his human owner, Kelly Lund. Kelly is an outdoor adventure professional and therefore believes that dogs are not meant to be kept locked up in cages, but should be out traveling around the world. His aim is to inspire others to travel, explore the world and make everlasting memories with their dogs.

Kelly created an Instagram account for Loki with hopes of capturing the doggo in all his glory. The account has millions of followers who absolutely adore the adventurous dog. Their pictures depict the human and the doggo traveling, exploring the world, and having so much fun together. Loki is undoubtedly an adventurous spirit who was born to be wild and their photographs are all the proof you need. Follow them on Instagram to be posted on their travels.

#1. Sound asleep in a hammock cuddling my human.

#2. As you can see, I’m quite the adventurous spirit.

#3. I’m on the top of a mountain, looking down on creation.

#4. Camping on the hillside be like.

#5. I don’t care that I’m too heavy, I make my human carry me anyways.

#6. Trying to be cute for the picture.

#7. And I rest peacefully under the gorgeous night sky with a campfire to keep me warm.

#8. The mountains are where I belong.

#9. Who said sleeping bags were for humans?

#10. Me and my best buds decided to do a bit of traveling. Mornings are nothing without good coffee and best friends.

#11. Resting in the hammock is one of my favorite things to do.

#12. I own this house.

#13. As you can see, my love for food has no boundaries. You gotta eat with your nose to taste better.

#14. A picture worth a thousand words.


#15. Me being playful with my human.

#16. Aren’t these two adorable together? So much cuteness in one picture.


#17. The cold doesn’t bother me anyway.

#18. I’m meant to be carried despite my weight.

#19. Right where the sky meets the hills.

#20. A little bit of mud doesn’t hurt anyone. We are quite the tough adventurers.

#21. I love him with all my heart.

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