In a heartwarming display of a mother's love, a mother dog tightly embraces her beloved offspring, knowing that they will soon be separated. This touching moment exemplifies the deep bond between a mother and her child.

 Around the end of October 2021,

Sohu’s pet-loving forum re-shared an extremely touching article about the mother and daughter love of a mother and daughter Golden Retriever stolen in the moments of separation. It is known that the post that “covered” the media of many countries was released in early 2021, but so far the story has been shared by the people.


Accordingly, in a popular family in China, there is a Golden Retriever dog. Not long ago, the great “boss” gave birth to a cub. However, due to difficult economic conditions, the owner can really take care of them all at once, he once gave away several puppies, keeping only two. Therefore, the dog mother gives more love to these children, they pamper them all day without leaving.

The dog’s mother was sad when she heard the news that she was going to leave her baby. (Photo: Sohu)

After the children got older, the owner decided to bring a dog to give to you. The man said: “I happened to have a friend who loves pets very much, knowing that my family has many Golden Retrievers, so I asked for one. I didn’t want to separate their mother and child, but I was really reluctant. Sending the puppy to your grandfather’s house is also reassuring, it will have a better life.”


The mother and daughter were nervous, nostalgic and did not leave. (Photo: Sohu)

When the dog’s mother heard that she was about to leave her child again, her mood was very sad. Every day, with a gloomy look, sad eyes look at the innocent children playing happily. That morning, the man put the dog in the cage, tricked the “boss” into taking the dog out to play. But, the “milky mother” seemed to have a hunch that this was the last time she would see her child, so she followed behind the owner.

When the new owner came to pick up the little guy, everyone choked up when witnessing an extremely emotional image.

The mother dog suddenly stood by the cage, her eyes fluttering, lovingly looking at the puppy. It stood silently observing like that for 30 minutes, then hugged the baby in his arms again. The action was repeated over and over. Perhaps, the other boy also felt that he was about to leave his mother, so he couldn’t hide his sad eyes. The appearance of mother and daughter is filled with nostalgia and regret. Two pairs of teary eyes looking at each other touched the hearts of those around them.

A hug that makes many hearts choke. (Photo: Sohu)


Those touching images were passed on by netizens online, it caused a stir in public opinion. The online community could not hold back the tears. Some people think that the owner doing so is too cruel to the Golden Retriever mother and daughter. Besides, some people also understand the difficult situation of the chopper. They just hope that the puppy who comes to the new home will be loved.

Previously, paper Sohu also had a similar case about the story of another “milky mother” in the country of billions of people. In China, the pet market is very popular, there we will enjoy watching and choosing the right friend. A netizen stopped by and hit the adorable Golden Retriever puppy.

He said: “I was walking around the market, and my eyes were met with a bunch of Golden Retriever puppies sitting in a line next to their owner. In particular, the mother dog standing next to me. I was very curious, came to see and planned to buy one. dog, but what happened next surprised me.”

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