In a poignant moment, Molly, the Golden Retriever, extends her comforting presence to Sammy, a neglected horse at a rescue shelter, showcasing the power of compassion across species.

 Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance (CERA) in North Carolina, USA is a centre specialised in treating and providing shelter for neglected and abused horses.

One of the rescue team members is the 3-year-old Golden Retriever named Molly who is very passionate in her job.

So, when Sammy entered the rescue centre, Molly knew that they would be the best of friends.

Sammy was found wandering alone on a street in a very malnourished state. The mini horse was also found scared and confused.

After he was rescued by the CERA team, Sammy was bathed, fed and dewormed. That was when he first met Molly

According to Darlene Kindle who works at the centre, Molly is gifted and she truly knows when the rescued horses are in distress.

In an attempt to introduce herself as well as to help provide support to Sammy, Molly gives a gentle nudge at Sammy and stands quietly in front of his captivity

Sammy who seems relieved at Molly’s presence later starts to rub his head at Molly’s cheek and the two begins to bond

CERA later posted the video of Molly comforting Sammy online and it has gone viral on the internet as many people are touched by how loving and understanding Molly is.

The pair has since formed a strong friendship as they can be seen spending times together as Sammy making progress

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