Intrigued by a dog's daily subway journeys, a man decides to unravel the mystery by attaching a tracker to the canine, leading to a captivating story of their daily commute.

 The story of a dog taking the subway daily until a man puts a tracker on him to discover the reason behind it.

Amir, a subway commuter, noticed a dog among the crowd of commuters and followed its movements, realizing that it had a purpose and seemed to be on a mission. Amir contacted the authorities, concerned for the dog’s safety.

Over the next several days, Amir encountered the dog repeatedly on his commute, riding a few stops before getting off at a station in the city center. One day, some people forced the dog out of the subway carriage, leaving it stranded on the station floor,

but Amir helped him and won his trust with dog treats. Amir postponed retrieving his repaired car to continue assisting the dog and contacted a nearby animal shelter, which was also confused about the dog’s behavior. They realized that capturing the dog and finding it a home would not unravel the mystery of its daily ventures and purpose.

The shelter staff was unsure if the dog they found had someone waiting for it at home or if it had puppies to care for. To trace its movements, they attached a tracker to the dog with Amir’s help, but gaining its trust was not easy. Once the tracker activated,

the staff was surprised to find that the dog’s daily journeys around town covered a distance of 27 to 30 kilometers and involved riding the Metro and ferry. The dog’s name was Boji, and locals recognized it as a smart dog. Boji had its own Instagram and Twitter accounts with thousands of followers.

Boji was a mix of Cytus Kangal and Shepherd dog and had undergone health checkups and sterilization, suggesting that it had a previous family. Boji’s daily routine involved exploring different locations in search of food, and people were more than happy to give it treats.

Living on the streets in Istanbul, where there is a program that safeguards the vast numbers of strays that roam the streets, finding sufficient food was not a challenge for Boji.

Boji has now gained celebrity status and has over 79,000 followers on its Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Municipal workers who cherish their beloved mascot began taking Boji for regular checkups at the vet and even conducted a behavioral study to ensure that its interactions with humans would not be a problem for him or the people it meets every day. They even created a small kennel for Boji at one of the Metro stations.

Additionally, the municipal staff provides food for Boji whenever he returns to his kennel, but he prefers not to stay in one place for too long and instead continues to move around. The staff keeps an eye on him from a distance, using a mobile tracker to ensure his safety.

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