The dog was found sick and severely malnourished

 Once a happy-go-lucky pup roaming the streets of Greece, this unfortunate dog was left to fend for itself outdoors. Over time, the lack of care and attention took its toll, turning the once lively animal into a hardened stone of despair. It’s heartbreaking to see such a precious life reduced to a miserable existence, all because of neglect.

Unfortunately, the dog received no support and was left in a state of despair. His hope for someone to help him faded as he struggled with hunger and dehydration. He was mistreated and malnourished, wandering through the streets day after day.

One day, the rescue team received a phone call requesting assistance with rescuing an exhausted dog. The rescue staff promptly responded to the call and found that the dog was only five years old and suffering from various health problems. The dog was in need of careful nursing to improve its condition.

Thankfully, after receiving serious care from a nursing staff for a period of four months, the dog’s condition has improved.

Her previously rough and stony skin had transformed into a soft and smooth texture, accompanied by fluffy hair. We eagerly anticipate the day when she finds her forever and cherished home. Be sure to share this heartwarming story with your loved ones and friends.

The rescue of BU, the main canine protagonist, was a heart-wrenching event. She was in dire straits and on the brink of death before being saved. Her physical condition was weak, with deteriorating skin and significant malnourishment. BU was also experiencing extreme loneliness and abandonment, making her situation even more challenging to bear.

The incident took place in Yucatan, Mexico and was shared with us by one of our readers, Dania Gordillo. BU, the subject of the incident, was found at approximately 7:00 a.m. Despite the busy traffic, nobody stopped to help her. Fortunately, Second Chance was there to intervene and transform BU’s destiny. She had suffered a head injury, possibly from running under a car.

The initial days were quite challenging for him as he found it difficult to stand up, his hunger disappeared and he lost all motivation to combat the situation. Nevertheless, with the power of love, he managed to overcome all obstacles and made a steady progress towards recovery.

Wow, it’s truly amazing! She has been brought back to life and now she’s full of energy and cuteness. Her kindheartedness is evident as she loves to shower people with affection and express gratitude for those who have kept her safe.

Although he had recovered from his physical ailments, the mistreatment he faced only worsened the emotional scars that he carried.

However, BU is now in search of a loving family and a comfortable home to spend the rest of her life in. She currently resides in Mérida, Yucatán in Mexico and is eagerly looking forward to being adopted internationally, provided all necessary criteria are met.

Let’s make sure that BU finds his perfect forever home as soon as possible by sharing this important information. You can easily get in touch with BU’s rescue team at Second Chance on their Facebook page. Don’t hesitate, let’s work together to find BU the loving family he deserves.

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