The Dog Weighed Down By Heavy Chains Gives Her Rescuers A Heartwarming Welcome Upon Its Removal

 Stray Rescue of St. Louis first spotted Fallon Marie hiding under a car, a long linked chain hanging around her neck.

The stray dog had been abandoned with the chain still attached around her neck. She was forced to drag it behind her, and its weight made her droop her head.

Rescuers try to lure her over to them with some food, but she’s very timid and nervous at first.

But once Fallon Marie is safe and at their shelter, they free her of her chains.

It must have been excruciating for her, as rescuers later discovered her chain weighed an incredible 10 pounds and she only weighed a mere 31 pounds!

She can finally lift her head! And look on her face when the chain is removed is absolutely priceless!

Watch the beautiful moment in the vide below.

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