Despite being deaf and blind, this remarkable dog consistently manages to locate her owner, showcasing the remarkable bond and determination between them.

 The story is about a one-year-old dog Pearl,

who experienced life much harder than other dogs. She was born both deaf and blind. However, this cannot stop her from finding exactly where her owner is.

Pearl lives with his owner Lauren and three other dogs. By the time she was adopted in November 2016, she found it difficult to fit into her new family.

The owner of Pearl called the coach to help her. They taught her tricks through touch because she can’t see or listen to anything. Due to proper training and Pearl’s intelligence, the puppy now knows some commands like “sit”, “down”,

“paw”, and is slowly learning to “crawl”.

“She is whip-smart, playful, and fearless,” Lauren told iHeartdogs.

In addition to the items she has learned, Pearl also has her gratitude for finding her owner. Whenever Lauren returns home, Pearl easily knows her place.

She picks up her owner’s scent and sniffs, asking for Lauren’s gratitude. When she finally realizes what she’s trying to find, she looks so excited and smug.

The cute dog enjoys a pleasing life together with her owner. She goes for a walk a day , plays together with her ally Pete, and takes her favorite toy Wormy together with her to travel everywhere. She passes through the places that she has got to step so carefully. And when the sun sets, she always has her mom’s warm embrace to require her to dream-land.

The life of a deaf and blind dog will never be easy. But with a lot of love from her owner and her own resilience, Pearl has learned to overcome her unfortunate situation.

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