The dog that lost his family after 9 months found his way back home, trying to knock on the door in the hope that everyone could accept it

 A dog who had been away from home for more than five months returned with no one to welcome him. After his owners lost hope of finding him and migrated, the dog was left to fend for himself.

Max disappeared while playing in the park with his friends one day. They searched everywhere, but Max was nowhere to be found. On the other hand, Max's owners used a dog tracking device and distributed brochures and advertisements via social media.

Max's owners began to lose hope of finding him again after a few months. After a long search, they eventually settled on a new home that was far from their previous home. They had no idea that Max was still living alone outside.

More than 5 months later, a stranger who recognized Max from posters of missing dogs helped him recover. When the stranger called Max's owners to tell them that their pet cat was still alive, they were amazed and expressed their appreciation.

They returned to their old house because Max was still there, but it was empty. Max's new owners had no idea about Max's past or where his previous owners had gone.

She eliminated Max's owners. Contrary to their expectations, they discover a vacant house where their pet cat has disappeared. When they brought Max home, they expected a warm welcome.

After surveying the neighborhood and posting on social media, Max's owners received a call from a nearby animal shelter. Max is discovered wandering the streets and is taken to the hospital for treatment.

Although they were relieved to see Max again, his owners couldn't help but feel bad for him because he had been abandoned for so long with no one to take care of him. Max was thrilled to see his owners again, his tail was waving and his lips were kissed.

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This story underscores the importance of implanting microchips in pets and maintaining information about them. The devotion and compassion that pet owners have for their animals is also emphasized, as is the joy felt when a lost pet is discovered.

When Max was finally reunited with his owners, they were happy to have him back and decided to give him the love and care he deserved.

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